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Put Your Investments to Work with a

Margin Loan

Leverage the Power of Your Investments with a VM Investments Margin Loan. A more strategic approach to debt management, a margin loan lets you access cash by borrowing against the securities in your portfolio. With your investments as collateral, you benefit from a convenient and competitively priced loan while your assets stay invested, so you keep on track towards your investment goals. Reach your financial goals faster with lower interest rates that can enable you to better manage cash flows, refinance to pay down debt more quickly, and make purchases as well as other investments.

Put Your Cash Flow to Work with

Insurance Premium Financing

Reserve Your Cash Flow with Insurance Premium FinancingUse a loan to cover the cost of premiums on your commercial insurance coverage, with flexible repayment schedules that allow you to better balance your cash flow, and reserve capital for more lucrative investments.

Put Equipment and Capital to Work with

Lease Financing

Get equipment you need to move your organisation forward with flexible, cost-effective lease financing options from VM Investments. Credit solutions that allow medium and large corporate clients to acquire and upgrade the equipment and motor vehicles needed for operating purposes while maintaining your cash flow. Grow with the equipment you need and the capital to get them working while strengthening your balance sheet.

Put Opportunities to Work with

Corporate Loans

Whether you need a loan to manage day-to-day operations or capital expenditure financing to fuel long-term growth, a VM Investments Corporate Loan could be the solution for your business. We upfront capital you need to sustain, expand and upgrade your core business or launch new initiatives to unlock your full potential.

Put Confidence to Work with

Underwriting Services

VM Investments underwrites public and private securities for corporate investors who are in immediate need of capital and require certainty of funding. Work with us as you seek to raise capital through debt or equity financing, and examine your financing needs. We cover the risk of selling the securities to investors, and guarantee a minimum price to your company.

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